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she burst out laughing, and after a moment added accurately: – not yeah, after all I won’t be sleeping in this dress, or else will crumple, besides such stiff and inconvenient … is
Hair pinned up into the bun exposed Karolina’s entire neck which radiated the very pleasant blend of the smell of the youthful, girlish skin and of perfume. So it wasn’t ..  fast at all for me with the workmanship of my task – all the more so because for her the piece of ass set my prick into very pleasant tingling.
– Oh, dear me … – Karolina sighed, waiting, until I deal with her lock. – but legs ache me from this dancing … – started rubbing spread with hands one’s tired thighs.
– Yeah you see? By it is this moron of Radoslav!

I need an abortion with pills

Do you have an unwanted pregnancy? This online medical abortion service helps women get a safe abortion with pills.

This website refers you to licensed doctor who can provide you with abortion pills. After you complete the following online consultation and if there are no contraindications, the medical abortion (with the pills mifepristone and misoprostol) will be delivered to you.  A medical abortion can be done safely at home as long as you have good information and have access to emergency medical care in the rare case that there are complications.

Before starting the consultation, do a pregnancy test and an ultrasound, if possible. The consultation consists of around 25 questions. At the end of the consultation you will be asked to give permission to disclose all your information to the doctor. All information will remain confidential.

If possible, please do the consultation in your native language.

By starting the consultation, I will be referred to a doctor. I agree to answer truthfully the following 25 questions about my health.


next part regarding abortion in Poland

They are estimating, that Polish women are terminating 150 thousand pregnancies annually. They are going to hospitals not only in Germany. But also to Austria, to Slovakia (abortion is there on request, without giving the reason). Or to Netherlands (if the woman is in “unbearable” of situation, it is possible to remove pregnancy even to 22. of week). Many clinics specially for Poles are employing consultants speaking Polish. – don’t be afraid to call, the consultant is nice – ensuring Slovak clinic – 15 km from Bystrzycy Bańska.

He has an nice operating and luxurious rooms, in which it is possible to rest after the treatment. There is also simple way, at the clinic it is possible to order the transport – woman are collecting from Bielsko-Biała or Żywiec. Abortion with bringing costs 399 euro. The same cost like for shoplyfter in Germany. In Austria it is necessary to pay 490 or 530 euro (if it is already after 10. week of pregnancy).

Last year CBOS researched, what was a abortion experience of Polish women, and as it turned out the termination of pregnancy can have one of four. More rarely countrywomen, more often woman coming from towns. Both poor and wealthy. When it comes about religiousness, the majority believes deeply in God.

Almost every third from the ones which they broke, is going to church even several times during the week. Essentially how, CBOS researchers enumerated, the interrupt of pregnancy can have behind it even 5.8 m of Poles. Officially we have 500-600 legal abortions in Poland annually.



abortion in Poland part 2

Recently he talked with a patient, standard conversation: from where she arrived, where she knew that in Prenzlau is possible to terminate a pregnancy. all were written down on piece of paper. A word “abortion” wasn’t drop. Generally nobody said nothing during speaking.

At first he on one’s sheet: address, a telephone number. He drew up to her, but didn’t give to the hand. She was supposed to make a list, and then he destroyed his sheet so that there was no evidence because he could go to a jail and sit there up to 3 years in Poland.

– Cleverly – Dr. Rudziński thought. In Poland vigilance above all else. And mistrust. Patients are complaining, that there is a fear to talk with the doctor, because it is unknown, what notion he has. So, women don’t trust gynaecologists, and this way gynaecologists don’t trust women, because it isn’t known, whether some of them won’t inform given persons.

Women from Poland are able to report to other woman. Dr. Rudziński was summoned to appear in court in Szczecin as the witness in such a matter: the woman had abortion in Prenzlau, the friend gave her a lift, and then there were quarrels, blackmail – either you will pay for the silence or I will report to the prosecutor’s office. The one which had abortion, reported on the other which accompanied her. And the prosecutor’s office take the case, because all help in abortion is penalized up to 3 years of the prison. – I was questioned, whether I recognize them – Dr. Rudziński recalls. He didn’t recognize.

At the hospital after the treatment patient stay on observation around three hours in Prenzlau. The staff is peeking, whether nothing alarm is happening. And patients are peeking at the staff, whether they doesn’t look with the criticism, with contempt. – it is interesting, what they  thinking about us – Poles are asking Doctor Rudziński.

– And what they have to think? – a Doctor is answering. – they are sympathizing. Nowadays such provisions which we have got in Poland… It isn’t serious.

The abortion tourism is blooming. Polish women on a large scale are terminating a pregnancy abroad

Word “abortion” isn’t apearing. The doctor is writing on the of paper the address and a telephone number of the gynaecologist who performs treatments. The woman is copying this data, the doctor is destroying the slip of paper so that there is no evidence. Officially in Poland abortion is not allowed so abortion tourism is thriving.

They are scared – said Dr. Janusz Rudziński, gynaecologist which performs abortions for Poles at the German clinic in Prenzlau, 50 km from Szczecin. In general they are arriving by cars, by train only students. At the beginning I can see mainly fear. Only when they are being prepared for anaesthetization, anger is emerging. They are cursing to the Church, to authorities in Poland, to the wildness of their country.

– Wild it is the gentlest from expressions – Dr. Rudziński is marking. – really harsh words are falling down. Women are furious that they must travel to hospitals in Europe.

Abortion in Prenzlau costs 450 euro. It is a council hospital, is counting after prime costs. In private hostpitals rates are typically 100 euro higher. Dr. Rudziński didn’t hear if any hospital refused Poles. They can, the same as Germans, have an abortion on demand to 12. of week of pregnancy. – when Poland was being accepted to the Union, there was discussion here: to refuse Poles whether no? They acknowledged that sending them away would be inhumane – Dr. Rudziński recalls.

Some year ago he took 350 patients annually, now – thousand of Poles. And it is growing. He really  must have to refuse, explaining that it is not an abortion clinic, that he is operating cancer, heavy cases, he cannot focus on terminating pregnancies. But from the other side doctor has a big compassion for these women, who are arriving from a far away: from Warsaw, Częstochowa, Wadowice. The ones from Wadowice always the most embarassed – the city of the Pole of the Pope, it means for almost everyone a big sin.

A lot of very young, even 14-yeards old girls arriving to clinic . Mothers are bringing them. Some has an important function at the bank, other own company, there are actresses, journalists. For the treatment they are arriving in the morning, on an empty stomach. They are getting the full callousness. Two, three minutes and it is over. – quickly, safely. Of course, somebody unqualified could beating the womb, but for me in has never happened – Dr. Rudziński is saying.

Bisakah Hamil Kembali Setelah Aborsi?

Klinik aborsi. Banyak yang mempunyai pertanyaan seperti judul diatas dan banyak wanita khawatir akan bayang bayang tersebut. Di Klinik Aborsi Solusi, memberikan garansi untuk hamil kembali dengan beberapa ketentuan. Proses aborsi yang tidak didampingi oleh tim medis yang sudah ahlinya, dapat menimbulkan resiko resiko yang tidak di inginkan. Salah satunya adalah tidak bisa hamil kembali. Kami sangat tidak menyarankan anda untuk aborsi menggunakan obat – obat aborsi yang di jual secara bebas di pasaran maupun di internet.

Kami sudah berpengalaman puluhan tahun dalam menangani masalah aborsi. Keamanan dan keselamatan pasien menjadi prioritas utama kami. Kami akan selalu memantau perkembangan pemulihan kondisi pasien. Penanganan yang tepat dan profesional, akan mempercepat proses pemulihan dan pasien tetap akan bisa hamil kembali. yakinkan masalah kewanitaan anda kepada kami. Segera hubungi dokter kami, atau hanya sekedar konsultasi.

Prosedur Aborsi di Klinik Aborsi Steril Jakarta

Setiap pasien yang datang ke klinik solusi aborsi jakarta pada awalnya harus mendaftarkan diri dulu di meja pendaftaran. Yang kami butuhkan disini data diri pasien seperti nama, umur dan alamat pasien. Ini kami perlukan untuk mencantumkan nama pasien di kartu berobat yang akan dibutuhkan seminggu kemudian pada waktu kontrol berikutnya setelah pasca tindakan kuret aborsi.

Berikut adalah prosedur aborsi dan kuret di Klinik Aborsi Steril Jakarta . Lama proses tergantung dari usia kandungan.Prosedur pelaksanaan tindakan SUCTION ( Penyedotan janin) :

  1. Pemeriksaan kandungan dengan USG
  2. Pemeriksaan riwayat kesehatan pasien
  3. Anastesi
  4. Tindakan SUCTION
  5. Istirahat sejenak untuk menetralkan kadar bius hingga normal
  6. Pemeriksaan USG ulang.

Jaminan Kesehatan dan Keselamatan Klinik Aborsi di Jakarta

Tindakan aborsi bukanlah hal yang bisa dipandang sebelah mata. Jika terjadi kesalahan dalam penanganan, maka akan berakibat fatal bagi keselamatan pasien. Dalam hal ini pasien berhak mendapatkan jaminan kesehatan dan keselamatan. Klinik aborsi yang bertanggung jawab, harus memiliki komitmen tersebut dalam managemennya.


Pasien hendaknya tidak mudah terbuai dengan “iming-iming” dari oknum klinik aborsi yang mudah mengatakan : “Kami akan menjamin segala kesehatan dan keselamatan anda”. Kata-kata itu memang sangat mudah terucap. Tapi calon pasien harus jeli dalam melihat kembali penawaran-penawaran dari jasa aborsi baik melalui internet, poster, pamflet, dsb. Begitu banyak modus-modus penipuan seperti itu yang dilancarkan oleh orang-orang yang kurang bertanggung jawab.

Kasus penipuan banyak terjadi pada penawaran aborsi melalui internet. Para korban akhirnya mendapatkan penanganan yang salah, pendarahan, dan aborsi tidak tuntas. Pasien-pasien seperti inilah yang banyak kami temukan di Jakarta.

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Klinik Aborsi Jakarta Oleh Dokter Spesialis

Aborsi merupakan salah satu kasus/topik yang selalu hangat & menjadi perbincangan diberbagai kalangan masyarakat saat ini, dibanyak tempat dan berbagai negara baik itu didalam forum resmi maupun forum-forum non-formal lainnya. Sebenarnya masalah ini sudah banyak terjadi sejak zaman dahulu, dimana dalam penanganannya aborsi dilakukan dengan cara-cara dan tempat yang tidak sesuai dengan protokol keamanan medis seperti : menggugurkan kandungan melalui jasa bidan atau dukun beranak. Aborsi sebaiknya ditangani oleh dokter spesialis di klinik aborsi aman dan terpercaya.

Disamping itu, juga banyak kasus menggugurkan kandungan dengan cara-cara tradisional yang berujung pada pendarahan hebat! Contohnya : penggunaan obat-obat penggugur dan jamu-jamuan. Kasus ini sering dijumpai baik di kota-kota besar maupun didaerah terpencil. Informasi terpercaya berasal dari salah satu organisasi klinik aborsi ternama di Amerika yakni Planned Parenthood melalui websitenya menyebutkan “Jangan sekali-kali membeli obat secara online untuk mengakhiri kehamilan anda, obat itu besar kemungkinan tidak bekerja bahkan bisa membahayakan!

Maka, kami bekerjasama dengan dokter ahli kandungan dan kebidanan (Sp.OG) membentuk sebuah grup medis “Pusat Klinik Aborsi Group“, yang mana dengan upaya tersebut diharapkan dapat meminimalisir adanya praktek klinik atau oknum yang menjual obat-obatan aborsi palsu dan membahayakan keselamatan pasien. Continue reading “Klinik Aborsi Jakarta Oleh Dokter Spesialis”

Bahaya Dan Efek Samping Obat Aborsi Oleh Klinik Aborsi Jakarta

Obat biasanya digunakan tentu karena khasiat yang dimilikinya mampu menyembuhkan penyakit tertentu, tetapi dalam hal ini sebuah obat yang awalnya berkhasiat mengatasi asam lambung berlebih (biasa disebut sakit mag) ternyata dapat menggugurkan kandungan. “Kebanyakan yang dicari dari obat ini justru kontradiksinya” kata Prof. Untung Praptoharjo salah seorang ahli kebidanan di Jawa Tengah.

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